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Lancelot Brown and his Essex Clients
A Gazetteer of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown’s eighteenth century commissions that reshaped the landscape of some of the historic houses in Essex. (Out of Print.)

The Living Landscape 
Animals in Parks and Gardens of Essex.
A wealth of rarely published information, providing a fascinating and comprehensive insight into the role of animals in the designed landscape. From bee boles to deer parks, fishponds to menageries, aviaries, dovecotes, warrens and stables, a captivating picture of a vibrant and moving landscape unfolds as we are invited to peer over the garden wall.  (Copies still available.)

Rooted in Essex
A gazetteer of designers, nurserymen, writers and artists associated with the historic gardens of Essex. The gazetteer concentrates on individuals who were not only substantially based in Essex but were also professionally involved with our historic gardens. Famous landscape designers included are Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, Humphry Repton, the William Nesfields (junior and senior), Philip Southcote and Percy Cane.  (Copies still available.)

Paper Landscapes
Archive based studies on historic gardens and landscapes in Essex.
A series of studies on archive-based projects, focussing on the archives themselves, rather than approaching them purely as aids to understanding specific sites. (Copies still available.)

Repton in Essex
A gazetteer of 40 sites in Essex associated with Humphry Repton. This publication includes the history of the sites and their families and is illustrated with contemporary pictorial evidence. Illustrations from the six surviving Essex Red Books are also included. (2nd Edition available.)

Historic Designed Landscapes: Planning and Conservation Guidance.
A core document which identifies and explains types of historic landscape together with related vulnerability and key conservation issues and brief outlines of good conservation practice. (Copies still available.)

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