Archive Based Studies on Historic Gardens and Landscapes in Essex
Edited by Dr Twigs Way

Paper Landscapes is an exciting collection of essays produced by the Essex Gardens Trust Research Group. Extraordinarily varied in their approach and their subject areas, the essays represent a focus on the opportunities presented by archive materials to reflect on all areas of garden history. 
From Victorian designers to seventeenth century plant collector, postcards to plans, orchards to estates, and public parks to private gardens – these essays record the vitality of garden history in Essex. 

2005, A4, 64pp, soft cover £6.50 each plus £1.50 p&p per book.

To order a copy please send your name, address and telephone number or email, along with full payment (cheques made payable to Essex Gardens Trust) to
Michael Leach, 2 Landview Gardens, Ongar, Essex CM5 9EQ. Alternatively copies can be bought at EGT organised events.