2 March 2019

After his very successful talk on Gardens in Art last year, David Marsh Returns to start EGT’s programme of events for 2019:

Plants on Paper – A Potted History of Botanical Art. 

How did we get from illustrations for early herbals to the carefully contrived almost scientific depictions of plants today? How much depends on changes in drawing skills and styles? When does accuracy become important? Why are early plant images so important historically? Perhaps hardest of all to understand, why are botanical illustrators still employed when we have brilliant digital cameras?  David will attempt to answer these and many questions in this quick rundown on the way that plants and flowers have been immortalised in the last thousand years or more.

detail: Robert Thornton, Temple of Flora.

detail: Robert Thornton, Temple of Flora.

Trained as a teacher, David obtained a PhD in Garden History from Birkbeck College and has been lecturing on garden history for many years. He is a trustee of the Gardens Trust, a co-convener of the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes seminar at the Institute of Historical Research, London University and was, until recently, a trustee for Parks and Gardens UK. He is also involved in organising courses in garden history & writes a weekly blog on garden history for the Gardens Trust. n March, the popular speaker David Marsh returns after a great reception from our members before Christmas. He will be giving a talk on: Plants on Paper: A Potted History of Botanical Art.

The talk will be given in the Main Hall of Writtle University College on Saturday, 2 March 2019 at 14.30 - doors open at 2.15 for refreshments. Parking is at the rear of the main building and the two doors at the rear will be open - others will be locked.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite. Click here to buy them. £7 for a member or guest. £10 non members. Don’t leave it too long to purchase them, the talk was very popular last time!

27 March 2019

The High Line in New York: A Glimpse of our Future Cityscape?

Dr Jill Raggett is Emeritus Reader in Gardens and Designed Landscapes, Writtle University College; Adjunct Professor at University of Dalhousie, Canada and Unit Leader & Assessor on the Royal Horticultural Society Master of Horticulture. She specialises in plant use, the management of gardens & the relationship between the arts, culture and the designed landscape at both graduate and postgraduate levels, including the tutoring of students undertaking PhD’s. Her doctorate was the first major study of the origins of the Japanese-style garden in the UK & Ireland.

High Line, MoMA.

High Line, MoMA.

"The World's cities are housing more of us and are having to work harder to re-vision existing spaces. The students I seek to inspire will be future designers and landscape keepers of such vital places. With the help of an EGT Travel Bursary I visited the successful High Line in New York City, to see how we can re-imagine spaces, and in addition, discovered some other inspirational projects including Tear Drop Park, the Irish Hunger Memorial, the Salt Shed and the 9/11 Memorial. It was a busy long weekend - come and hear about the adventure and the fantastic work of the landscape architects, garden designers and horticulturists working in 'the City that never sleeps'!"

The talk will be given in Room L60 (ground floor), Main Building, Writtle University College on Wednesday, 27 March at 6.00.  Doors open at 5.45 for refreshments.  Parking is at the rear of the main building and the two doors at the rear will be open - others will be locked.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite. Click here to buy them. Members and one member’s guest, £7 each. Non-members £10. Writtle students free entry.

Future Events:

May 2019: Coach trip to Turn End House and Garden - Details to follow.

22 June 2019: Willow weaving Workshop with Deb Hart. Details to follow.