Essex Gardens Trust

In 2002 Essex Gardens Trust produced the first installment of a detailed Inventory of historic designed landscapes in the country, to much acclaim. The introduction of the Inventory, written by Angela Taigel, has now been edited as planning and conservation guidance applicable to historic designed landscapes in all parts of Britain.
The guidance will be most useful to local authorities, landowners developers planning and environmental consultants, members of garden trust and everybody with an interest in the future of Britain's historic landscapes. This guidance:

  • identifies and describes the types of designed landscape to be found, ranging from landscape parks to cemeteries, town walks, public parks and gardens
  • explains the significance of the keys elements in each type of landscape
  • outlines how each element is likely to be most vulnerable to development
  • suggests how changes can be accommodated without damage
  • offers information and advice on planning procedure, designations, good conservation practice and sources of grant aid, among other things.